Audi Trimaran
Audi Trimaran
May 27, 2011, Comments Off

The Audi Trimaran was a student project by designer Stefanie Behringer (Pforzheim Technical College, Germany) for the Au ...

Audi New R18 TDI Engine for 2011 Le Mans
April 29, 2011, Comments Off

Le Mans is only six weeks away and Audi is preparing full speed for the most important race of the year with the all new ...

Audi Quattro Concept
Audi Quattro Concept – Almost a reality!
April 7, 2011, Comments Off

For those of you who have missed the news about this concept vehicle by Audi we will advise you to read carefully bellow ...

Audi A9 Concept – Myth or Future?
April 4, 2011, Comments Off

Designed by Daniel Garcia the Audi A9 is more than just a design study in style, luxury and exclusivity but it also def ...