Project “Timmy” Phase 4 Completed!
July 4, 2013, Comments Off

It has been awhile since the last time we upgraded our project car and we felt that time was right to get some goodies a ...

Project "Timmy" Phase 3 Completed!
Project “Timmy” Phase 3 Completed!
October 3, 2012, Comments Off

As we mentioned some time ago in our Phase 2 update we had some great things planned for the next phase and today we are ...

Project “Timmy” Phase 2 Completed!
June 17, 2012, Comments Off

Our project has gain some momentum and we are quite pleased to announce the completion of the Project “Timmy” ...

Project “Timmy” Phase 1 Completed!
May 6, 2012, Comments Off

As many of you already know Audiera.com has been for some time working on a project called “Timmy” (2011 B8 ...

Project “Timmy” Sound Check
April 7, 2012, Comments Off

As some of you know our project “Timmy” is still under development and although almost complete we still wou ...

Audi A5 ATB
Audi A5 ABT Photo Shoot By Dejan Sokolovski
June 9, 2011, Comments Off

Audi A5 is one of the most beautifully designed cars on the road these days and one of the most photographed as well. AB ...

A1 Club Sport Quattro
Audi A1 ClubSport at Worthersee Tour 2011
May 31, 2011, Comments Off

- Audi presents the A1 clubsport quattro showcar at the W├Ârthersee - New adhesive film decals in accessories program fo ...

Project Kahn’s Latest Creation: TR8!
May 18, 2011, Comments Off

Project Kahn is one of the premier design houses in the United Kingdom aftermarket scene and the world. With a large por ...

ABT R8 GT S Spyder
ABT R8 GT S Spyder
May 13, 2011, Comments Off

Very few people would even consider upgrading, changing or enhancing anything about the Audi R8 GT Spyder. It is one of ...

Boynton Beach 5/07/2011
Audi Meetup: Boynton Beach 5/07/2011
May 8, 2011, Comments Off

Audi local meet-ups are becoming more and more accepted as a social platform for having a great time with your enthusias ...