Project “Timmy” Phase 4 Completed!

July 4, 2013  //  Aftermarket, Motorsports, News, Projects, S line



t has been awhile since the last time we upgraded our project car and we felt that time was right to get some goodies and have some fun.

As each phase before we wanted to have a specific motto or goal of this phase and this time it was Breaking power and overall enhancing the stopping distance/power and getting the car ready for the track.

Here is what was done:

1. Installed/Replaced the AWE intake with the USP Motorsports Intake
2. Installed Alcon/Stasis 390mm BBK
3. APR ECU upgraded to version 2.2
4. Phase 4 stripes!

The BBK install is VERY noticeable both visually and when driving the car. Those Alcons are no joke and we can really see why they are recommended for heavy track duty … We absolutely LOVE them!

List of all current project mods:

1. APR ECU Ver. 2.2
2. APR Pulley
3. APR CPS Cooling System
4. Alcon/Stasis 390mm Big Brake Kit
5. AWE Intake USP Motorsports Intake
6. AWE Resonated Exhaust
7. EuroCode AluKreauz Stabilizer
8. EuroCode USS Stabilization System
9. JHM Lightweight Rotors Rear
10. MORR Lightweight Wheels 19”x8.5
11. Deval Carbon Fiber Front Lip
12. Deval Carbon Fiber Rear Valence
13. OSIR Carbon Fiber Fog Surrounds
14. RS4 Style Grille
15. Custom S4+ badges (grille + rear)

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