Project “Timmy” Phase 1 Completed!

May 6, 2012  //  Aftermarket, News, Photography, Projects, S line



s many of you already know has been for some time working on a project called “Timmy” (2011 B8 S4). No many of you know however that this project is broken on phases and today we celebrate the completion of phase 1!

The modifications done in this phase ware:

1. EuroCode Alu Kreuz Billet Aluminum Drivetrain Stabilizer
2. Deval carbon fiber rear valence
3. Deval carbon fiber front lip
4. OSIR carbon fiber fog lights surrounds
5. AWE exhaust with resonated downpipes (Sound check)
6. AWE intake
7. Custom front grille (RS honeycomb style)
8. 3M DI-NOC (Graphite) wrap of the side reflectors (aka Ti-code)
9. 3M DI-NOC (Black) wrap of the bottom part of the side mirrors
10. Custom + sign to top phase 1 off (Not kidding)
11. VAG-COMed

Few items that will be part of phase 2:

1. APR ECU Tune (Fully Loaded)
2. APR Pulley
3. Eurocode Überlegenes Stabilisatoren System (ÜSS)
4. Few more things that we will keep under the table for now…

Stay Tuned!


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