Record Deliveries of More Than 652,950 Cars in First Half

July 7, 2011  //  Audi AG, News

AUDI AG 2011 Sales

- Growth driven by Audi A1, A8 and SUVs
- Sales chief Schwarzenbauer: “Substantially improved sales performance thanks to strong European markets”
- New A6 Avant and Q3 to be introduced in second half of the year


UDI AG delivered more than 652,950 cars to customers worldwide in the first six months of the year, an increase of 17.7 percent on the same period in 2010. Demand for the premium carmaker’s SUV models rose significantly, while the Audi A1 and the A8 brought additional growth.
“The first half of the year was clearly better than we had expected – above all thanks to a strong performance in European markets,” comments Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG. “We are also optimistic about the coming months. Even though the second half is traditionally weaker, we will be launching high-volume models specifically important to European markets, the new A6 Avant and the Audi Q3.”

From January through June, total sales in Europe rose by 13.5 percent to around 382,850 cars. The main drivers of this growth were the Audi A1 and the A8, the latter having been steadily increasing its market shares since its introduction at the start of last year. And the brand has significantly increased its presence in the luxury class with the Audi Q7: In Europe, sales of Audi’s large SUV gained 23.5 percent over the same period last year.

The German market delivered significant growth over this period. With a total of 125,091 cars sold, AUDI AG improved on the prior-year period by 15.7 percent – thanks to the new A1, the A7 and strong growth of the A6 sales.

Other notable sales increases were achieved in France (up 26.1 percent), and in the highly design-minded markets United Kingdom (up 11.7 percent) and Scandinavia. In Scandinavia, sales leaped by 19.3 percent to 10,423 cars in Sweden, by 28.7 percent to 4,310 cars in Norway, by 29.3 percent to 3,898 cars in Finland and by 30.2 percent to 3,678 cars in Denmark. Demand for Audi models also rose in Eastern Europe– with 24.1 percent more units sold in Russia, bringing the total to 11,757 cars.

In the United States, Audi advanced by 15.4 percent to 55,909 cars in the first half of the year. The brand’s new flagship model, the A8, was likewise well received there and its SUVs gained considerable ground. Sales of the Q5 were up 14.2 percent, with the Q7 registering a huge 41.2 percent rise in sales.

Progress in Asia was again dominated by rising sales figures in the biggest market, China. Audi sold 140,699 cars there in the first half of the year, 28 percent more than in the first six months of 2010 and substantially more than in its German home market. Significant growth was seen in the lower segments. Although the luxury models continued to dominate the picture – the Audi A6 is easily the top-selling model on 54,529 units – sales of the Audi Q5 almost doubled (+97.4 percent) and sales of the A4 gained a further 34.2 percent.

The other Asian country among the booming BRIC countries, India, is becoming an increasingly important market for Audi. With unit sales of 2,802 cars over the first six months – a rate of increase of 100.1 percent – India lay well ahead of the main growth markets in America, namely Brazil (2,182 cars, up 47.0 percent) and Argentina (2,657 cars, up 29.5 percent).
Schwarzenbauer added: “In China mobility is happening top-down. That society’s elite has long been driving full-size cars; the new, affluent middle class is now discovering smaller premium vehicles. In India, mobility is taking shape in the lower segments; the premium market for larger vehicles is now growing continuously. We have decided to introduce our new Audi Q3 in India to support that development.”

Sales AUDI AG For month of June Cumulatively
2011 2010 Change from 2010 2011 2010 Change from 2010
Worldwide 117,650 99,263 +18.5% 652,950 554,864 +17.7%
Europe 67,350 58,676 +14.7% 382,850 337,303 +13.5%
– D 23,203 19,709 +17.7% 125,091 108,113 +15.7%
– GB 10,567 8,665 +22.0% 63,360 56,737 +11.7%
– Italy 6,106 5,659 +7.9% 33,849 31,714 +6.7%
– France 6,011 4,541 +32.4% 32,948 26,138 +26.1%
– Spain 3,916 4,056 -3.5% 24,157 23,531 +2.7%
– Russia 2,221 1,807 +22.9% 11,757 9,470 +24.1%
United States 10,051 8,601 +16.9% 55,909 48,440 +15.4%
Brazil 555 251 +121.1% 2,182 1,484 +47.0%
Asia-Pacific 33,050 26,277 +25.7% 171,100 135,300 +26.5%
– China
(incl. Hong
27,658 21,436 +29.0% 140,699 109,887 +28.0%
– India 408 233 +75.1% 2,802 1,400 +100.1%

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