Project Kahn’s Latest Creation: TR8!

May 18, 2011  //  Aftermarket



roject Kahn is one of the premier design houses in the United Kingdom aftermarket scene and the world. With a large portfolio and some quite eccentric clients the founder Afzal Kahn has created quite a reputation with its unique designs, sophistication and attention to detail.

As we reported some time ago we were not very enthusiastic about Kahn’s A5-GT and as a matter of fact we thought the A5 looked better in its original set of “clothes”. Today we found out that the design house has announced its latest Audi project called TR8!

As you may have guessed already by the name it has something to do with a TT and R8. Let’s just say that the thought about another Project Kahn attempt to make any Audi model which does not bear the badge of R8 to look like one did not inspire our confidence.
Than we looked at the pictures and things changed a little bit.

This time Project Kahn has done a much better job in adding some interesting touches to the Audi TT and making it look like a smaller version R8 but preserving the iconic curves of the base car. Equipped with a new set of wheels, body kit including front and back vented bumpers, front grille, rear spoiler and last but not least R8 style side blades the TR8 stands out with style, elegance and sophistication.

For those of you on the market for absolute attention to detail, unique design and passion to have one of a kind TT, Project Kahn’s TR8 may be just the aftermarket “touch” you were looking for!

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