ABT R8 GT S Spyder

May 13, 2011  //  Aftermarket, News, R line

ABT R8 GT S Spyder


ery few people would even consider upgrading, changing or enhancing anything about the Audi R8 GT Spyder. It is one of those iconic cars that will define the century and the Audi brand success in the history books. But as it seems ABT (company notorious for its high end tunings of the Audi model line and for it aggressive exterior modifications) has decided that the current specifications of the Spyder R8 GT are not exclusive enough and that there are some clients that would like to drink from the ABT glass of exclusivity without any concern of its monetary value.

Starting with the bright red theme and ending with a time of 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h (0-60 mph) the ABT creation is worth a spot in the museum of aftermarket art both in the exterior, mechanical and interior sections. Powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine (originally producing 520 hp), ABT Suspension, ABT Exhaust, ABT BR 20 inch wheels and significant weight reduction by the use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) the R8 GT Spyder does not only look fast, but also gives definition of the phrase “fast and furious”.

The interior impresses as well with its carbon fiber sports steering wheel and the combination of black and red colors used throughout matching the exterior as well as the overall theme to perfection.

If you are on the market for the fastest and most furious R8 GT Spyder and the meaning of monetary value is unknown to you then this is absolutely the perfect choice and means to leave a very, very, very long and lasting impression.

ABT List of Modifications:

ABT Engine Modifications & Technology:
Engine: 5.2 FSI, V10, 5.204 ccm capacity
Performance tuning: ABT Power
Performance: 620 HP/456 kW (standard: 525 HP/386 kW)

ABT Suspension Modifications:
ABT suspension
ABT sports exhaust system (stainless steel)

ABT Exterior Modifications:
ABT front skirt (weight-optimized, CRP)
ABT rear skirt (weight-optimized, CRP)
ABT side skirt (weight-optimized)
ABT rear wing (weight-optimized, adjustable, CRP)
ABT air scoops (weight-optimized, CRP)
ABT engine bonnet (weight-optimized, CRP)
ABT exterior mirrors (weight-optimized, CRP)
ABT front spoiler plate (adjustable)
ABT windscreen frame cover (CRP)
ABT carbon inlays for covers of engine and convertible-top
ABT carbon inlays for the outside of the doors
ABT chrome foil red

ABT Wheels & Type Equipment:
Front axis: ABT BR, 9 x 20 inches
Rear axis: ABT BR, 11 x 20 inches
Front axis: ABT CR Superlight, 9 x 19 inches
Rear axis: ABT CR Superlight, 11 x 19 inches

ABT Interior:
ABT sports steering wheel (CRP)
ABT leather seats
ABT centre console with red carbon and leather
ABT shift gate in red carbon with engraving
ABT dashboard with leather
ABT door panels with red carbon and leather
ABT door sill panel illuminated
ABT Floormats
ABT safety belts in red

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