Project Kahn A5 GT – Is Different Better?

March 27, 2011  //  A line, Aftermarket, News

2011 Project Kahn A5 GT


roject Kahn is a well-known tuning company which has produced some extremely high quality tuning packages both from exterior and interior prospective. Their latest creation is a fascinating one and it is based on the 2011 Audi A5, which they call 2011 A5 GT.

Now it is interesting and extremely challenging to tune and to modify in a positive manner something that is quite close to perfection as is the design of the A5. Overall few cars look better on the road and one of them is the Audi R8. Project Kahn decided that the only way to make A5 look even better is if it looks like R8!

It up to you to decide if their efforts ware successful but as far as we are concerned … We will take the A5 as it is any day!

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