2011 B8 S4
Boynton Beach 5/29/2011 Meetup – B8 S4 Gunmetal White
May 30, 2011, Comments Off

We went recently to one of our favorite meetups in Boynton Beach, FL and hanged out for few hours while taking some phot ...

Audi Trimaran
Audi Trimaran
May 27, 2011, Comments Off

The Audi Trimaran was a student project by designer Stefanie Behringer (Pforzheim Technical College, Germany) for the Au ...

Audi A6 Avant
Audi A6 Avant – The Details
May 19, 2011, Comments Off

Audi is launching the next generation of the A6 Avant, the most successful business-class station wagon in Europe. The n ...

Audi TFSI 2.5
Audi wins International Engine of the Year Award 2011 for 2.5-liter TFSI
May 18, 2011, Comments Off

- Best engine in 2-liter to 2.5-liter category for second year in a row. - Seventh category award win in a row for Audi ...

Project Kahn’s Latest Creation: TR8!
May 18, 2011, Comments Off

Project Kahn is one of the premier design houses in the United Kingdom aftermarket scene and the world. With a large por ...

A6 @ Caloosa Park
Caloosa Park Meetup 5/14/2011
May 17, 2011, Comments Off

Boynton Beach, FL – Caloosa Park is one of those places in Florida where you would love to spend some time during ...

Audi Brand
Audi Latest Commercial: The Car Carrier
May 15, 2011, Comments Off

It is no secret that the Audi brand is growing in popularity and continues to gain momentum. As Audiera reported the exc ...

Audi DTM
2011 DTM: Audi Recaptures Zandvoort!
May 15, 2011, Comments Off

Ingolstadt/Zandvoort, May 15, 2011 – A great motorsport weekend for Audi: A few hours after a 1-2-3-4 success of the A ...

ABT R8 GT S Spyder
ABT R8 GT S Spyder
May 13, 2011, Comments Off

Very few people would even consider upgrading, changing or enhancing anything about the Audi R8 GT Spyder. It is one of ...

Audi A1
A1 Wins ‘Best Small Car’ at the 2011 Fleet World Honours
May 12, 2011, Comments Off

Audi A1 is an interesting small automobile, which shines with its practicality, elegance, gas mileage and style. Marke ...