Audi Quattro Concept – Almost a reality!

April 7, 2011  //  Concepts, Design

Audi Quattro Concept


or those of you who have missed the news about this concept vehicle by Audi we will advise you to read carefully bellow because this sick puppy is close to being approved for production by Audi Board of Directors and almost ready to begin its domination on the road.

The car celebrates the 30 years of Audi heritage, its design goes back to the original Ur-Quattro (build in 1980) yet incorporates the modern design language used by the brand today.

The concept is radical in design, technology and performance. It is based on the S5 platform and build entirely by the Audi Quattro devision. It comes in its current potent form with 402bhp and weights only 1300 kilos (2,866 pounds) – that is 300 kg (660 lbs) lighter than an RS5, and 225 kg (500 lbs) lighter than an R8! Combined with the latest generation of quattro all wheel drive, sport deferential and passion for speed you can quite vividly imagine what this coupe is capable of.

In terms of the engine Audi went back to its roots (Ur-Quattro) again with a five-cylinder, turbocharged engine and placed it in the latest version of the Audi’s aluminium spaceframe chassis, combining it with extensive use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics.

We cant wait to see this bad boy on the road!

Source [ Autocar ]

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